“It was an honor”

Our artistic director, Robert Franz, is known all around North America as a talented conductor, educator and leader.  What sets Robert apart is his ability to make connections with musicians on and off the podium. Here’s a recent letter from a student who participated in the Kentucky All State Orchestra

Dear Mr.Franz,

My name is Kendra. I played under you in Kentucky All-State a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to tell you what and amazing time I had playing music with you. It was one of the best musical experiences I have ever had. You helped me see music in a different way and also helped me remember why I started playing in the first place. Before All-State I questioned why I was even playing anymore because I never thought I was good enough. When you talked about all of your trial and errors you had trying to get a conducting job, it let me know that you have to keep trying. You probably don’t even know who I am. I was in the back of the viola section last chair to be exact. Most times being last would’ve upset me and at first it did but you made me forget about that and just make music instead of worrying about a seat. It was an honor playing under you. Thank you for staying around to shake my hand it meant a lot to me. I hope to be as humble as you in the future and someday lucky enough to play under you again



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2 thoughts on ““It was an honor”

  1. Dear Mr. Franz,

    My name is Julia Tan and I’m in the Timberline Chamber Orchestra; you’ve worked with us a lot this year and I’m never more uplifted than when I’m playing under you. You told us in our District III clinic that when you go see a good conductor, you end up conducting even better than you already do, and I want to tell you that I come out so determined and fulfilled every time you come to conduct our orchestra. Your instruction has carried me through this entire year and playing with you and for you makes me so happy and always reminds me why I want to play violin: to work with people like you so that I can grow as a musician

    With Much Admiration,



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