Timberline & Boise High visits

By Robert Franz

What a blast I had today visiting and working with the talented students at Timberline. The fact that you start rehearsal every morning at 645am is awe-inspiring! The fact that you can play Bach and Tchaikovsky so beautifully at that hour is just ridiculous. šŸ™‚
And Boise High School with your 71 incredible musicians…way to go with that Elgar Introduction and Allegro…that piece is challenging! You made it sound like a piece a cake. 

Iā€™m looking forward to seeing all of the groups from these two schools at District III at the end of February!


2 thoughts on “Timberline & Boise High visits

  1. Hi- My daughter, Olivia, really enjoyed working with Maestro Franz at Timberline. She plays the bass. Is this camp open for bass players? It sounds fantastic!


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